Where and How to Charge Your EV on Walt Disney World Property

Where and How to Charge Your EV on Walt Disney World Property
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Last updated: July 18, 2022
While we strive to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, Disney changes things constantly.
If something needs updating, let us know in the comments or contact us

Whether you have an electric vehicle (EV) like a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt EV/EUV, BMW i3 or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) like a Toyota Prius Prime or Chevy Volt, you’ll likely need a place to charge up your car on your next trip down to WDW. This guide will provide you with complete information on where to charge up on your next trip down to the place where dreams come true.


Using ChargePoint’s Apple Wallet card to initiate the charger

Disney has partnered with ChargePoint to provide stations at all four parks, Disney Springs, and a growing number of Disney owned resort hotels. These stations are Level 2, J1772 (compatible with a vast majority of plug-in vehicles, though you may need to keep an adapter in your frunk) and cost a hefty $0.35 per kilowatt-hour, with a minimum charge of $1.50, unless otherwise noted below. Charging stops when your battery is topped off (the app will notify you of this) so no need to worry about running up a bill. While you can sign up for a ChargePoint account on the fly, we suggest downloading the app and registering ahead of time so you can arrive with more park time and less parking lot time.

It’s worth mentioning that Florida is one of a handful of states with legislation on the books to prohibit cars without charging ability from parking in designated charging spots, with fines similar to illegally parking in a spot for persons with disabilities. Don’t be afraid to let Disney security know if you’ve been ICE’d out of a spot – you may feel like a narc, but it’s the only way to protect yourself and your fellow EV drivers, especially those who are desperate for some juice. This law doesn’t stop EV cars from parking there and not charging though, that’s just poor etiquette.

Available Charging Stations

We’ll do our best to keep this list updated, but we also recommend checking out crowdsourced sites/apps like PlugShare and ChargeHub for more charging opportunities and stations just outside of Disney property.

Now that Disney has partnered with Chevrolet to introduce the brand-new 2022 Bolt EUV, we only expect this list to grow in the next few years as Chevy expands its nationwide fast-charging system.

Theme Parks

Charging in progress

Disney first started offering EV charging in Epcot’s Journey parking lot in 2014. Since then they’ve expanded to all four parks. These spots offer premium parking on a first-come, first-served basis and often fill up fast, so don’t rely on charging to be available if you’re in a bind. Normal parking rates apply on top of what you pay for charging (rates listed above).

Due to the limited amount of spots and as a courtesy to other EV drivers, we suggest to only use these spots if necessary and make an effort to move your car once charging is complete in order to free up room for others.

While we’ve provided exact Google Map links to each spot below, it’s best to let the tollbooth attendant know you’ll need a charging spot and they will direct you to how to get there.

Magic Kingdom

This is the main parking lot for the Magic Kingdom at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), where you can take a monorail or ferry directly to the theme park. This lot offers a total of 5 ChargePoint stations: 4 in the Zurg Parking Lot (in the westmost part of Zurg, in front of row 400) and 1 in the nearby Jafar Lot (the first spot on the east side of row 300). From here, trams are available, but you’re better off walking the 0.2 miles to the monorail entrance.

Charging up in the Zurg lot


The Journey Parking lot has 4 ChargePoint spaces on the east side of row 1. From here it’s just a short, tenth of a mile walk to the park gates.

One of the Epcot charging stations, just steps to the monorail station

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

4 ChargePoint spaces are in the Mickey lot (formerly the TV lot), in a small area just in front (west) of row 300. These spots offer the very best spots in the entire parking lot, only a tenth of a mile walk to the park’s entrance.

Charging in progress in the Mickey lot of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

4 ChargePoint spaces can be found in a lot called the “Medical Parking Lot” (parking for people with disabilities). This area is directly in front of the Peacock Lot, with the chargers in the southeasternmost part of the Medical Lot. Though these spaces are in the very back of this section, they’re still fairly close to the front of the entire parking lot, so you only have a 5 minute (~0.3 mile) walk to the park’s main gate.

Animal Kingdom’s chargers in-action

Disney Springs

Disney Springs’ rooftop spots provide a great view!

Disney’s entertainment, nightlife, shopping, and dining complex is essentially now a half-day park. The recent expansion and addition of three massive, citrusy parking garages, brought with it a handful of new EV charging options too. The garages are officially considered closed from 3 AM to 7 AM, so clever guests of Saratoga Springs Resort may want to think twice before parking overnight, or risk being towed.

Lime Parking Garage

3 ChargePoint spots are available on the 5th level (roof), directly to the left of the elevators.

Orange Parking Garage

3 ChargePoint spots can be found on the 5th level (roof), directly to the right of the elevators on the northeast corner.

Grapefruit Parking Garage

3 ChargePoint spots are on the 3rd level near the walkway to Disney Springs (east side of the garage). This garage is the furthest from Disney Springs, thus likely to have more available stations than the others.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

These are Disney owned hotels at the resort. Note that spots are technically only available for hotel guests, visitors of guests, or those with dining reservations. Without one of these pre-requisites, you may be denied access to enter these parking areas.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village

The Kidani parking garage has multiple Level 1 standard wall outlets throughout the Timon parking area (along the walls)

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

6 ChargePoint spots were recently added to the new El Centro Parking lot, just across from the Gran Destino tower’s bus stop. Note that one of the six charging spots (rightmost) is a disability spot, so a disability permit is legally required to park in that one.

Coronado Tower’s EV charging station

Disney’s Fort Wilderness

Each campsite here provides both a Level 1 standard wall outlet as well as a Level 2 NEMA 14-50 outlet intended for use with Recreational Vehicles (RVs).

If you’re staying in a cabin, you can find Level 1 standard wall outlets available outside each cabin, intentionally located near the parking space in order to charge rentable electric golf carts. Since spots are designated by cabin, you’ll need to be staying in one of these rooms, or visiting someone staying there in order to use this free charging option. Bring your own cable as one is not provided.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

There are Level 1 standard wall outlets available outside each villa building, attached to the air conditioning units. At least one parking spot backs up to these outlets, but you’ll need to bring your own charging cable as one is not provided.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

2 ChargePoint spots can be found in the “West Parking Lot”, along the row closest to the main building. After passing the security booth, make your second right to enter the lot. The station can be found almost immediately on the left side.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

2 ChargePoint spots can be found in the first row (just past the disability and taxi parking when coming from the lobby). Make a left turn immediately after the security booth, another left, then your first right into the parking lot. The stations will be about halfway down on your right.

Official Walt Disney World Hotels

Though these hotels are on WDW property, they’re not owned or operated by the Disney company. The same rules apply as Disney owned hotels: only guests, visitors of guests, or those with dining reservations will be allowed access to the lots in order to take advantage of these charging opportunities.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

A Level 1 wall outlet is available in the valet area. Let the valet know your car needs charging when dropping it off and be prepared with your own charging cable. There is no cost for the charging itself, but keep in mind that valet parking has a separate fee.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

These 2 ChargePoint stations are provided free of charge for the duration of your stay. Find them outside the parking garage between Towers 4 and 5.

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

This upscale resort offers 2 ChargePoint spots at no cost for the duration of your stay. Find them on level 2 of the parking garage, near stairwell 2 (west side).

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Next door to the Hilton, the Waldorf Astoria has 3 TESLA Destination Chargers only accessible by valet parking.

Shades of Green

This military family resort offers 2 TESLA Destination Chargers only accessible by valet parking.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World

This hotel offers an impressive 8 TESLA Destination spots only available by using valet service.


As more and more EV’s hit the road, the demand for charging will keep rising. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see Disney continue to expand its EV station to keep up.

It’s especially hopeful that Walt Disney World’s half-a-million-panel solar farm is now fully operational, so you can rest easy knowing that your car is being charged with up to 25% sustainable energy!

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