Our Favorite Easter Eggs From Frozen 2 (Plot Spoiler-Free)

Our Favorite Easter Eggs From Frozen 2 (Plot Spoiler-Free)
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Just 6 years after the release of the original Frozen, we meet Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the gang for a new adventure in Frozen 2. Without giving away any of the film’s (often) complex plot, we present you with some of our favorite Frozen 2 easter eggs. If you’re not familiar with easter eggs, think of them like little hidden treasures that the filmmakers placed in the movie that usually references something outside of the film’s universe.

Disney character cameos

Early on in the film, we see a flashback to Anna and Elsa as kids playing with a set of Elsa-created snow dolls. Look closely at the figurines and you’ll recognize some distinctly familiar friends, including Dumbo (Anna’s left hand in the image below), Baymax from Big Hero 6 (directly under Dumbo), Bolt (next to Baymax), and Snow White (second figure to the left of Anna).

Look closely at some of the figures for Dumbo, Baymax, Bolt, and Snow White. Image ©Disney

Speaking of Baymax, did you know that Big Hero 6 has a Frozen cameo? Released the year after Frozen, fans of the 2014 superhero flick might also remember that Hans showed up as a statue used for target practice to demonstrate Baymax’s rocket upgrades.

Hans about to be destroyed, as seen in Big Hero 6. Image ©Disney

Olaf becomes a hidden Mickey

Frozen 2 brings us the insight into Scandinavian leisure time, where a game of charades can command a room of snowmen and reindeer alike. This scene goes quickly as Kristoff and Olaf dominate the game, but keep your eyes peeled for Olaf’s ability to re-arrange his body as a “mouse” – remind you of anyone familiar? The distinct ears and classic stance are that of Olaf’s boss: the one, the only… mister Mickey Mouse!

Olaf poses as Mickey. Image ©Disney

Shout-out to Hans Christian Anderson

During the film, Elsa witnesses another character mention that they’re reading a book from “…some new Danish author”. Even though he’s not mentioned by name, we all know that this author is the infamous Hans Christian Anderson. Anderson wrote a number of fairy tale stories that inspired Disney versions including The Ugly Duckling (1931), The Little Mermaid (1989), and of course: Frozen – based on the 1844 story, The Snow Queen. You can even see an outline of Ariel on the cover of his book!

Ariel makes a cameo on the book by “some new Danish author”. Image ©Disney

Did you know that some of the Frozen character names pay tribute to the author? Try saying Hans-Kristoff-Olaf-Sven quickly! Disney is no stranger to acknowledging this man’s great work. The next time you ride The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventurelook for Anderson’s silhouette toward the end of the ride.

Side note, we love how certain elements like referencing Anderson sort of gives placement to Frozen’s fictional world in a real-life timeline. The “new” author’s name, coupled with a character’s reaction to seeing a photograph for the first time places the timeline of Frozen in the late 19th century.

A Tribute to G.O.B.

Arrested Development was one of the greatest TV shows ever created. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out not only for the hilarious plot and clever dialogue, but to fully appreciate the references found in the Frozen franchise.

In the first Frozen, Anna and Hans declare that they finish each other’s… sandwiches during the duet, Love Is an Open Door. Arrested Development fans will no doubt remember this line from the third season of the show.

Image via Giphy

Image via Giphy

“It was an unconscious callback to Arrested Development,” says Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the husband-and-wife songwriters of Frozen and Frozen 2. As accidental as it may be, this doesn’t explain the Duke of Weasel Town (ahem, Weselton) impression of Lindsay Bluth’s chicken mimicry while showing off his dance skills to Anna in the first film.

In Frozen 2, listen closely during the scene where Anna and Olaf are in the ice boat – a frustrated Anna proclaims OH, COME ON! in an unmistakable way.

Another Arrested Development reference? Oh, COME ON! Image ©Disney

The phrase is so dear to G.O.B.’s heart that it has become synonymous with the character and associated with the show. It’s clear that the filmmakers are Arrested Development fans, and you should be too!

Bohemian Rhapso-deer

At one point in the movie, Kristoff breaks out into an imaginative song called Lost in the Woods, featuring backup vocals from Sven and a chorus of reindeer. This 80’s power ballad tribute not only reminds us of Queen but directly references the group’s iconic video for Bohemian Rhapsody, where vocals are performed by a series of floating heads on a black backdrop.

Kristoff’s power ballad. YAS, QUEEN PARODY! Image ©Disney

Did you know that Disney actually owns Queen’s entire catalog under their Hollywood Records label? Not only that, but now that Disney owns 20th Century Fox, it also gives them the rights to the 2018 Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Now all the synergism is starting to make sense!

Return of the Snowgies

Stay after the credits of Frozen 2! We won’t ruin what happens, but expect cameos from Marshmallow and a group of snowgies, the lovable snowballs/boogers created from Elsa’s sneezes in the 2015 short, Frozen Fever.

WE LIVE! Image ©Disney

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We hope that pointing out these easter eggs will help give you a greater appreciation for the movie, and something to look forward to on your next viewing. Are there any hidden things from Frozen 2 that we missed? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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