A view of Akershus from across Oslo Harbour.

Originally built in the 13th-century, this medieval castle and fortress in the Norwegian capital of Oslo was designed to protect the city and provide a royal residence for the family of the King of Norway.

The castle tower and part of the cathedral are replicated in Epcot’s Noway Pavilion as the exterior for Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, which also takes its name from the real-life location meaning “the (fortified) house of (the district) Aker”.

A close-up of the Akershus tower

The buildings and design of these grounds served as part of the inspiration for the design of Arendelle’s Castle in Frozen (2013). You can see the similarities on the brick fortress walls, the sloped roofs, and the round, green towers.

Arendelle’s Castle as seen in Frozen (2013). Image ©Disney

Today, this fort is open to the public as a park and contains a series of museums detailing the history of the grounds as well as Noway’s military history.

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