A sign advertising the museum, just off of US Route 82

The Birthplace of Kermit The Frog Museum is a museum in Jim Henson’s boyhood town of Leland, Mississippi, just down the street from the Rainbow Connection Bridge. Henson was the mastermind behind The Muppets franchise (now owned by The Walt Disney Company) as well as Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and, of course, Muppet*Vision 3D.

The permanent exhibition opened in August, 1991 and is presented by the city in cooperation with the Jim Henson Legacy and with the support of The Jim Henson Family.

The museum hangs over Deer Creek

The museum is located over Deer Creek, where Jim would play while living in the area during his formative years, from 1936 to 1948. The exhibition is named after his most famous creation but is devoted to all aspects of Henson’s career, featuring family photographs lining the walls, an original Kermit on display, puppets and props from The Song of the Cloud Forest, and an impressive display of vintage Muppet merchandise.

A look inside Lelands one-room museum

The building also serves as Leland’s tourist welcome center and host of the annual FrogFest each Fall. The museum is free to visit, with a $1 suggested donation.

T-shirts and toys for sale in the gift shop

Address: 415 S Deer Creek Dr E, Leland, MS 38756
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Jim Henson’s Delta Boyhood Exhibit


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415 S Deer Creek Dr E, Leland, MS 38756

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