The clock sits high above the medina

This Magana, or hydraulic clock, hangs above the medina (the walled, old quarter of the city), just across the street from the entrance to the Abu Inania Medersa, one of the largest theological schools in Morocco.

Eagle-eyed Epcot fans know that a replica of this clock exists in the Morocco Pavilion, just left of the entrance to Restaurant Marrakesh. Epcot’s version is an idealized one: what the clock may have looked like when it was in working order, back in the heyday of water clocks.

A close-up of what’s left of the historic clock

The real clock was built in 1357 by the astronomer master Abou l’Hassan Ali Tlemsani and used a complex system of water released into 13 metal bowls on regular intervals. Today, the clock mechanism is in extreme disrepair, with no more bowls left on the wooden perches.

A look down Rue Talaa Kebira. The clock is near the upper left side of this photo.

It may be a bit hard to find in the medina’s maze but if you can navigate to the Abu Inania Medersa or Cafe Clock, a well-publicized restaurant with great reviews, you know you’re close. The clock is just above the cafe’s entrance corridor, across the street from the Medersa.

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