Marceline’s water tower, as seen from the Disney farm. Photo by James Hansen

Wanting a simpler life, the Disney family moved from their house in Chicago to a forty-acre farm they had purchased in the rural town of Marceline, MO.

This is where Walt spent his formative years: his days spent on the farm grew his love of animals and his time spent performing for local children in the barn sparked his interest in entertainment. Walt first learned to draw, write and dream underneath a nearby tree, known affectionately as his dreaming tree.

Follow the signs and step back in time. Photo by James Hansen

After only about five years here, Walt’s father became ill and the family was forced to sell their farm. In 1911 the Disney family moved once again, this time to Kansas City.

In 1948, Disney produced a movie called So Dear To My Heart about growing up on a small farm in the American Midwest in the early 20th century. A personal favorite of Walt’s, the film featured a farm and barn which was based on Walt’s recollection of the one he grew up with here in Marceline.

A re-creation of Walt’s childhood farm and barn, as seen during So Dear To My Heart (1948)

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