Fantasyland Train Station in the Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland station is one of three stations along the Walt Disney World Railroad in the Magic Kingdom, along with Frontierland Station and Main Street station. It’s located in Storybook Circus, an extension of Fantasyland which is themed to Dumbo’s circus based on the animated classic Dumbo (1941).

The Fantasyland Station building mentions the name of the area as Carolwood Park numerous times. This is meant as a tribute to the house Walt lived in on Carolwood Drive where he started his infamous Carolwood Pacific Railroad. The clock on the building even mimics the miniature train’s original logo and slogan. If you’re interested in seeing the original logo and one of the original Carolwood trains, grab a boat over to the Carolwood Room in the lobby of Wilderness Lodge’s Boulder Ridge Villas.

A close-up of the Fantasyland Train Station’s clock

A number of luggage and suitcase props line the outer walls and nearby areas of Carolwood Park as if a circus train had just unloaded its cargo. These are marked and labeled with designs which make reference to a variety of Disney related things:

  • Red’s Amazing Juggling Unicycles: Red’s Dream, a 1987 Pixar short film about a unicycle who dreams of being in the circus.
    • Manufactured by Eben’s Bikes: The bike shop that can be seen in the short film is called Eben’s Bikes and references Eben Ostby, one of Pixar’s first animators.
  • Ten Schillings and Sixpence, Ltd.: A reference to the Mad Hatter’s hat showing 10/6, as seen 1951’s Alice in Wonderland

Luggage props like this are lined up around Fantasyland Train Station in the Magic Kingdom

More luggage props are lined up around Fantasyland Train Station in the Magic Kingdom

There are also a bunch of “Greetings from…” types of stickers on various suitcases in the area. The one’s that stand out as significant are the Chicago ones (Chicago is where Walt Disney was born) as well as the Hollywood ones (where Walt spent a significant part of his life and career).

Could this be an intentional reference to Walt Disney’s birthplace?

A suitcase slapped with a Hollywood, California sticker

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