Fentons Creamery. Photo by Brave Heart on Flickr

Fentons Creamery is an ice cream shop and cafe. Their Oakland location is near Pixar’s Emeryville Studio and a favorite of their animators – a usual spot to gather after meeting a deadline.

Pete Docter, director of Pixar’s Up (2009), lives in Oakland and is a frequent visitor to Fentons with his children. He is such a fan that he incorporated a likeness of the local shop, logo and all, into the final version of the film as Russell, Carl, and Dug enjoy a cone on the sidewalk in front of the store.

The gang from Up outside of Fentons. Image ©Disney/Pixar

If you visit this shop, look for a framed photo of the above scene as well as a plaque with the following quote:

To Fentons:
“Thanks for all the ice cream!
And for a great place to meet friends.”
Pete Docter
DisneyPixar “UP” 2009

A quote from Up’s director hangs on the wall of the cafe. Photo by Loren Javier on Flickr

Address: 4226 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611
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Fentons Creamery


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