The skyline of Shanghai’s Lujiazui district. Photo by Chiu Ho-yang on Flickr

Lujiazui is Shanghai, China‘s modern financial district. Its vibrant skyline along the Huangpu River features futuristic looking buildings such as Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Tower, and Oriental Pearl Tower. All of these buildings and more can be seen during the unique fireworks filled finale scene of Shanghai Disneyland’s Soaring Over the Horizon. The other versions of the ride (Soarin’ Around the World [Disney California Adventure], Soarin’ Around the World [Epcot], and Soaring: Fantastic Flight) have alternate locations for their end scenes.

This colorful cityscape can also be seen in Epcot’s China Pavilion during the Circle-Vision film, Reflections of China (although the skyline has changed a bit since the film’s debut in 2003). Check it out in the video below!

Set your gaze across the Huangpu River, and you will find a new China that reaches for the sky. Yet in this city of East meets West, one can still find treasures of Shanghai’s stately European influence.
Reflections of China’s host, poet Li Bai

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