Mont Saint-Michel (English: Saint Michael’s Mount) is a monastery and commune in Normandy, France. This location’s unique feature is a ~14 meter (46 foot) change in tide in the area surrounding which turns the mount into an island.

You can see this magnificent sight in Epcot during the whimsical Impressions de France film. Be sure to check out this track for some Epcot related chills.

In another Disney Park, Disneyland Paris, you can see design elements incorporated into their eccentric version of Sleeping Beauty castle.

Don’t be left in the dark: if you’re a fan of Disney’s 2010 feature animated film Tangled, take a closer at the kingdom of Corona – its island was largely influenced by the famous commune. Now, at last, you see the light!

The island kingdom of Corona, birthplace of Rapunzel in the film Tangled. Image ©Disney

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