The main entrance to the Planet Hollywood “Observatory”

Planet Hollywood is a chain of themed restaurants founded in 1991 whose decor showcases film props and pop culture memorabilia along with clips from classic movies shown on screens while you dine.

The company was founded by Robert Earl (who also founded Earl of Sandwich) and operates two Disney locations: one here in Disney Springs and one in Disney Village.

This location opened in 1994 and received a much-needed renovated in 2017 (something the Disney Village location could use, as it’s still stuck in the nineties) turning its iconic “planet” shape into an old observatory, fulfilling the backstory of this building’s purpose in Disney Springs’ Town Center.

The multi-level dining room pales in comparison to the 4,500 square foot video wall

Part of the makeover included an outdoor seating area, installation of a massive video wall inside the ceiling of the domed building, and an impressive overhaul of the restaurant’s film-related displays including props and costumes from Disney and non-Disney films. Some of the more notable include Dorothy’s dress from The Wizard of Oz (1939), Forrest’s running outfit from Forrest Gump (1994), and a number of Katniss’ outfits from The Hunger Games films (2012-2015).

You can see a complete list of the items on display and tour the restaurant via the Planet Hollywood Tour mobile app.

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