The Curios shop in Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land

The Radiator Springs Curios shop is a gift shop in the Cars Land section of Disney California Adventure that sells a variety of Cars and Route 66 related souvenirs. It’s a faithful recreation of Lizzie’s shop from Pixar’s Cars franchise.

The shop in the film draws inspiration from three real-life roadside gift shops along Route 66: Sandhills Curiosity Shop, Hackberry General Store, and Jack Rabbit Trading Post (famous for its “HERE IT IS” billboard)

Radiator Springs Curios shop, as seen in Cars (2006). Image ©Disney/Pixar

Inside the shop, you can find a reference to the 1989 short film, Knick Knack, one of Pixar’s first experimental computer-animated films. If you walk in the shop and look on the top shelf on the far wall, you’ll find the “Nome Sweet Nome” snow globe from the short.

The Knick Knack snow globe found in the Curios shop

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