The entrance to Sardi’s restaurant

Sardi’s is an upscale restaurant in New York City that was host to a memorable scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) where Kermit posed as a Broadway producer and replaced Liza Minnelli‘s portrait with his own.

Kermit with Liza in Sardi’s. Image ©Disney/TriStar Pictures

Today, you can dine at Sardi’s before a Broadway show and find Kermit’s portrait hanging on the second floor (across from the top of the stairs) supposedly the original portrait donated to the restaurant following filming.

Kermit’s portrait, as seen in the restaurant today

Liza’s portrait now hangs far from Kermit’s (can you blame them?) on the first floor, close to where the scene was actually filmed.

Liza’s portrait as seen during the film. Image ©Disney/TriStar Pictures

Liza’s portrait now hangs in the corner on the first floor

A blurry frog being thrown from the restaurant ends the scene. Image ©Disney/TriStar Pictures

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