Soaring: Fantastic Flight is a family attraction which gives the sensation of hang-gliding across 12 different world-famous landmarks. The ride is based on Soarin’ Over California, an innovative attraction which debuted in 2001 in Disney California Adventure.

On June 16, 2016, Shanghai Disneyland opened with a revamped version of this ride called Soaring Over the Horizon featuring a unique ending. The next day, both Disney California Adventure’s version and Epcot’s version were updated to the new film and given the new name Soarin’ Around the World. Each version of this ride contains an exclusive fireworks finale scene. This version of Soarin’ made its way to Tokyo DisneySea on July 23, 2019. Its ride film is identical to the others, with the removal of the Eiffel Tower scene in favor of an extended flyover finale of Tokyo’s skyline featuring the iconic Tokyo Tower.

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