The entrance to everyone’s favorite grand and miraculous spaceship.

Spaceship Earth is an opening day attraction and the icon of Epcot in Walt Disney World. The giant sphere is designed as a geodesic dome, a concept which came from author and futurist Buckminster Fuller, who also coined the term Spaceship Earth in his 1964 book, An Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.The name expressed a world view over the concern for overuse of the Earth’s limited resources, encouraging all of its inhabitants to act as a crew in order to work for the greater good – an idea that’s as relevant today as it was in 1964.

Spaceship Earth is featured during the fireworks flyover of Epcot during the finale of Soarin’ Around the World which is unique to this park (DCA’s Soarin’ Around the World, Soaring Over the Horizon, and Soaring: Fantastic Flight each have their own individual alternate endings).

Epcot’s iconic attraction: Spaceship Earth

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To begin I have to ask: Where did man come from? Where are we going? What are we looking for? I think the answer is power. The power of the universe. The good of the universe. It is the life, the electricity…. This is where we come from and I think… where we want to go. In this painting I try to make people understand how man communicates, the meaning of communication, [and] how important and powerful communication is.

Claudio Mazzoli masterpiece at the entrance to the ride

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Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, as seen during Spaceship Earth

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