The Stanley Ranch entrance

The Stanley Ranch Museum is a two-acre open-air museum owned by the Garden Grove Historical Society, a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving the area’s historic buildings.

One of the museum’s most prized possessions is the original garage that Walt Disney had rented from his Uncle Robert in 1923. He paid just $1 a month for its use as an animation studio, his very first one upon arriving in Hollywood. It was here that Walt built an animation desk out of scrap parts which was supposedly used to film Steamboat Willie (that desk is now on display at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County).

Originally located at 4406 Kingswell Ave, the garage was saved from demolition in 1981 by Disney fans who rallied together to move it to its current location in 1984 in Garden Grove, just 3 miles from Disneyland.

Walt’s garage, used as his very first animation studio in Hollywood

The museum is open to the public for tours once per month (typically on the third Sunday at 1:30pm) – you can call to arrange tours outside of these hours as well.

Address: 12174 Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840
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12174 Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

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