Walt and Roy’s Kingswell Avenue Home. Photo by Loren Javier on Flickr

Walt moved from his Uncle Robert’s House to a newly built house across the street with his brother Roy in the Fall of 1923.

While living at this house, the two create the Disney Brothers Studio where they get a contract to produce their Alice Comedies, a series of groundbreaking silent films which mixed live-action and animation.

Walt lived with Roy until 1925 when Walt and Lillian got married. The newlyweds moved into their first apartment at 4637 Melbourne Avenue that year.

Today, this home still a private residence but can be viewed from the street.

The street name Kingswell Avenue serves as the namesake of the Kingswell Camera Shop in Disney California Adventure and a neighborhood of Golden Oak, the private residential community in Walt Disney World.

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Address: 4409 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Visitor Information:
Private residence, not open to the public


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