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As you discover the locations and blog posts across WanderDisney, you may come across links that take you to third-party sites offering to sell you their product. For example: in our post about the Eiffel Tower, we mention a number of Disney movies that feature the Eiffel Tower in them. Each movie mentioned is a link that will take you directly to that movie’s page on the iTunes store that will allow you to purchase or rent that film.

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While we don’t expect many of these types of programs to happen, we feel that it’s important to note that any travel costs, event attendance, and product reviews are completely funded from our own pocket unless explicitly stated in the article or review.

As much as we love Disney, we are still critical at times and plan to be as honest as possible when reviewing things and/or providing commentary. For the sake of integrity, we plan to uphold this value whether or not they are provided to us for free or even at a discounted rate.


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