OK, so maybe not completely “zero” waste, but the term has gained traction with a growing number of people devoted to sustainability. By making an effort to reduce our waste, we can prevent our earth from looking more and more like a scene from WALL•E.

An all too realistic scene from WALL-E. Image ©Disney/Pixar

Conservation isn’t just the business of a few people. It’s a matter that concerns all of us
– Walt Disney

The following post is intended to provide a guide, tips, and tricks on how to visit the Walt Disney World Resort while reducing your own environmental impact, as close to zero as practically possible. Keep in mind: we all make trash. The idea is to open your eyes in an effort to avoid needless waste when possible.

To help you plan, we’ve broken our guide into a few parts, each with its own page – you can find links to them below. We hope that our tips and hacks will help you make the most informed choices during your trip. Enjoy and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

In this post, we cover all aspects of planning your trip: choosing a mode of transportation with your carbon footprint in mind, car rental tips, deciding on the hotel that’s right for you, Disney Dining Plan pros and cons, money-saving tips using digital gift cards, and MagicBand hacks that leave you feeling both stylish and green.

This isn’t your typical packing list – here we walk you through everything you need to bring with you (including a few things you may not have expected) in order to plan ahead and reduce your waste while visiting the Disney Parks and Resorts.

In this section, we give you our top ways to ensure your hotel stay will be as zero-waste as can be.

Cloth diaper user? Picky eater? Toy addict? We’ll cover it all to make your trip with little ones go as smooth as possible!

Eating and drinking while on vacation is our favorite thing to do – but to do it without waste in Walt Disney World takes some knowledge and a little bit of planning. Check out our dining guide to find out where to go, how to order, and even a few hacks to keep you satiated, caffeinated, hydrated, and even inebriated.

Being zero-waste doesn’t mean you have to come home empty-handed. In this post, we give you the rundown of gifts and souvenirs available for purchase that won’t cause a strain on our Earth’s resources. We’ll even talk about some items that you must avoid…

Congrats! You’ve survived your zero-waste journey to The Most Magical Place On Earth! The fun isn’t over though. Give this page a read to keep the magic alive and help you heal the Earth even further – all from the comfort of home.

Thank You!

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